Traditional Braces

Traditional Braces remain the gold standard in comprehensive orthodontic care. We offer the option of metal or discrete, clear (3M Clarity Advanced) traditional braces. Elastics and bite correctors may be used in combination with braces to perfect both the alignment and fit of the teeth.

Invisalign/Clear Aligners


Clear Aligners are a series of custom clear plastic trays designed to gradually move the teeth, in stages, toward their desired position. Temporary tooth coloured ‘attachments’ are often required on several teeth to assist in their movement and elastics may be necessary to perfect the bite. The aligners are usually fabricated in a lab but are custom designed by the orthodontist. Effectiveness and outcome are directly related to the ‘designer’ (orthodontist) and the ‘user’ (you). Our orthodontists will be happy to discuss the advantages & disadvantages of both aligners and conventional braces so you can make an informed decision.

Invisalign/Clear Aligners

‘In-House’ Clear Aligners

We are pleased to offer clear aligners designed and fabricated entirely in our clinic. Our digital dental scanner, modern software and 3D printers allow for an effective and economic option for orthodontic treatment with a more limited scope.

Surgical Orthodontics

If the top and bottom jaws grow out of proportion with each other, function can be compromised and facial balance affected. For some the jaw imbalance can be significant, leading to difficulties in bringing the teeth together and/or resulting cosmetic concerns. Orthodontic care can be combined with jaw surgery to establish balance and function. The resulting changes can be life changing! Jaw surgery shows promise for some as an effective option in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea when conservative methods have proven unsuccessful.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

Orthodontic care may be recommended to improve the outcome and long-term performance of dental prosthetics. When teeth are missing or worn down, your general dentist or prosthodontist may suggest orthodontic care to optimize room for prosthetics that are proportionate in size and protected from future wear. This can sometimes be accomplished without full braces when orthodontic needs are limited.

Equipment and Techniques

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