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Braces FAQs

Am I too old for braces?
Absolutely not. Although adolescence is a common time to seek orthodontic treatment, adults represent a significant proportion of current orthodontic patients. It is never too late to seek thinking about getting a perfect smile.
How much do braces cost?
We cannot give you an exact figure right away. The fee for treatment can vary according on the method and complexity of treatment. We are committed to providing you premium treatment at an affordable fee.
How long will I have to wear braces?
The duration of the treatment varies considerably according to the goals and complexity of treatment and an accurate estimate will be provided at your initial consultation. Treatment can range anywhere between 6 to 30 months with most being between 14 and 24 months.
Do braces/aligners hurt?
You will most likely feel mild discomfort during the initial days as the teeth begin to move and you get accustomed to the braces/aligners. After this subsides the experience continues to get easier. If you are experiencing discomfort contact us at your convenience and we would be pleased to ensure you receive care in a timely manner.
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Invisalign/Clear Aligners Faqs

What are Clear Aligners (Invisalign)?
Clear Aligners are a method of orthodontic treatment providing an alternative to traditional braces. A series of clear plastic aligners are designed and customized by your orthodontist to your individual needs. They are worn sequentially to move your teeth to their desired position.
Should I go for Clear Aligner Treatment?
Aligners are clear and virtually invisible, a suitable option for many who are seeking something discrete. Your orthodontist would be pleased to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both Clear Aligners & Traditional braces so you can make an informed decision.
How do Clear Aligners work?
Invisalign aligners are clear, removable trays that put mild pressure on your teeth to gradually align them into the desired position.
How often should I wear Invisalign aligners?
You should wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day. You can take them off for eating or brushing.
Does Invisalign hurt?
Other than mild sensitivity in the initial days you will not experience any excessive discomfort. Your orthodontist will design the series of aligners such that movement is gradual and comfortable.
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